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What You Need To Know About Vegan Fashion


In the recent years the word Vegan has gained much more popularity. This is great news for those who care about the wellbeing of animals and the planet.

But what is currently becoming more popular is vegan fashion. Many brands are now launching vegan capsule collections or an entire vegan collection. Someone new with this terminology might wonder What is Vegan Fashion? How can you support Vegan Fashion?

To better understand the meaning and importance of Vegan Fashion, here is what you need to know.

  1. Protecting the animals

There are so many reasons for becoming vegan and choosing vegan clothes. The main one regards the protection of animals as you do not want to exploit and hurt them. Nowadays we have so many possibilities that do not include the exploitation of animals. So be careful with your choices and study the products you buy.


  1. Learn about vegan fabrics

When brands say Vegan, they do not specifically refer to vegan leather or faux fur. There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a vegan garment, but most important these garments should not be made of silk, wool, leather, cashmere fur or feathers. You should carefully choose products that do not contain any component of animal origin.


  1. Vegan fabric should also be sustainable

Keep in mind that vegan leather is made of plastic which is unsustainable. You might think that just because your wardrobe is vegan, it is also sustainable. The perfect choice of garment is the one that includes words such as vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly or sustainable. For example, there are some brands that use recycled plastic found in the oceans to make their clothes. In this case they have collected the plastic waste caused from the people.


  1. Invest in vegan accessories

If you want to be vegan, you should think about your accessories as well, like bags and shoes. If your aim for 2021 is to become vegan, then you need the whole package.


  1. Support small businesses

In many of our articles we have highlighted the idea of supporting small businesses. What is interesting about these businesses is the fact that the majority of them have launched collections that are sustainable and vegan at the same time. They did not follow in the footsteps of fast-fashion, but invested all they had in creating something that will not only protect the animals, but the planet as well.

Make 2021 a year of changes not only for your own benefit, but for that of the community you are living as well.



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