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What to Do and Avoid During the First Holidays with Your Partner


Going out on a first date might be strenuous, but no one can deny that the first time on holidays with your boyfriend/girlfriend is quite challenging. Your main concern will surely be how the two of you will get along for 24 hours a day, will you be able to stand one another’s habits, will you be having the time of your life, or holidays together will be a total failure and you will eventually break up?

If you really want to have the time of your life, you’d better avoid a few things, so that you can know one another better and find out what are your partner’s limits. Can he/she stand the 100% you, or you have to skip a few things while being together?


  1. Lower your expectations

Do not expect your holidays together to be like heaven every second. There might be unpleasant situations like ordering your favourite dish in that famous restaurant and it turns out to be quite awful, or you wanted the perfect picture taken from your boyfriend/girlfriend, but unfortunately he/she is not a professional photographer. Instead, take things easily, because not every moment will be perfect. Try to enjoy the good times and do not pay attention to unpleasant situations.

2. Get away from the crowd

You don’t have to go to the same random places most people go. Instead, become explorers and look for places where the two of you can have your own private moment. Rent a jetski and escape to a virgin beach where you can better know one another’s romantic side. You can get tanned while being all naked and also have sex on the beach, which has always been on your “To Do List”.

3. Do not drink too much

As much as we all enjoy drinking and dancing all night, we regret it the very next morning, when we wake up in a total bad mood. Hangover is so bad that the only thing you want is to lie in bed all day, alone. Every possible noise drives you crazy, so imagine having your boyfriend/girlfriend comforting you all the time and asking you every second: “Do you feel better?”; “Can I do anything for you?” If you want to avoid these situations, you can have a great night by limiting yourself to 2-3 drinks, just to get you in the right mood. Next day you won’t be tired and irritated.

4. Do not make schedules

Never ever plan every possible activity. Be spontaneous, because if you plan everything beforehand, it will turn out to be more of a chore than a pleasant time together. First of all, understand what your partner likes to do when he/she is on holidays, then you can decide on how to spend the day, to make it more entertaining.

5. Never become one of those couples that do not talk in a bar or restaurant

Set a rule for your time in a restaurant or bar: put your smartphones in silent mode and keep them in the bag. Many couples nowadays spend more time on their devices than talking to each other. Even if you are not that much of a talking person, try to find a subject that gets your partner’s attention and you can have a wonderful conversation talking about it.

6. Be yourselves

Do not change your routine just because you are in a relationship. You do not have to hold hands all the time, eat at the same time, sit in the same two loungers by the pool all day and feed one another. It will look like you are trying to create a false relationship. If your partner likes to wake up at noon, while you woke up since 8:00 am, do not just stand there waiting for him/her to wake up, when you can have breakfast early, because this is your daily habit; you can go jogging or take a stroll around the area you are staying and if you find an interesting place, you can show it to your partner later.

If you do not feel like going out and you want to get room service and watch movies all night, do that because there is nothing bad about it, especially if both of you are movie addicts. If you like parties and dancing, you can go out, but do not act like a married couple. Do not get jealous just because someone is looking at your partner. Instead you should have a feeling of victory, because they are looking at someone who is already yours. Pretend like you two met in a bar and it will turn out to be quite an amusing moment and eventually you will end up having great sex.

7. Compromise

Even people who have nothing in common can make for a perfect relationship, if they know how to compromise. Men tend to be quite active on holidays, like playing sports, or explore places, while women like to get tanned, read a book, or go shopping. If what you like to do during your holidays is quite different from your partner’s to-do-list, it is better to compromise and mix the activities that the two of you enjoy. Half of the day can be all about you, while the other half is all about him/her.



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