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My Secret to Losing Weight


A lot of people have been asking how I managed to lose 6 kg in one year and I thought that sharing my experience in this post would be helpful to many women.

I downloaded the App MyFitnessPal, which measures the calories the body needs in a day, after deciding on the weight you want to achieve. This app helps balance the amount of carbohydrates or proteins needed.

I followed the program “calorie deficit”. Meaning, if you have a maximum of calories that you need in a day, you make sure to reduce the extra calories. You do not have to follow a specific diet. You can eat three times or more in a day, as long as you keep in balance the amount of calories you need to lower. If you want to succeed, it is very important that you combine it with cardio exercises.

I managed to lose 400-500 calories in a day by doing cardio in the morning and kept in balance 1000-1100 calories by eating properly. Whenever I had a cheat day, I made sure to eat less the next day.

My food regime consisted mostly in proteins.

  • For breakfast I had eggs with Turkish ham, feta cheese and a slice of toasted bread and fresh juice as well.
  • I started intermittent fasting as a way to keep my weight in balance and I made sure to eat within an interval of eight hours. After eating a full breakfast around 11:00-12:00, later on between lunch time I consumed snacks like avocado, almonds or fruits.


  • I ate dinner around 6:30-7pm and it was a full meal consisting of fish with salad and sweet potatoes, or chicken with a salad and sweet potatoes, or chicken with brown rice. Sometimes I preferred veal fillet or salmon fillet with carrot purée or a salad. Basically protein related.
  • Whenever I needed dessert I prepared a smoothie with banana, cocoa and almond milk. Sometimes I added protein shake and I also liked eating a bar of dark chocolate from time to time.
  • Drinking tea was very helpful and I used to drink lots of tea during the day, mostly green tea and ginger tea.


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