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The most iconic eyebrows of all time


It has been quite some time since brows have moved from a trend to a boom thus making brows the beauty story of the decade. In a certain way brows have become like a signature for us, because their shape can totally define our look. Brows have had such an important role over the years and for that reason many wonderful women have been recognized from the shape of their brows. A perfect example is Frida Kahlo. When I first started digging into the world of Art, she was the first personality that caught my attention and besides her amazing work, what made me eager to learn more about her was her look. The shape of her eyebrows is something no one can forget.

The history of the evolution of the eyebrows dates back in the 1920s, when the skinnier the brow the sexier a woman looked. In a certain way it looked like a thin line which could perfectly be shaped with a pencil. This was a method that most blonde women used to apply in order to highlight their brows. Clara Bow was the “guru of the brows” in the 1920s as she started the trend of thin eyebrows that are extended to the temples.

Clara Boe, 1920s



In the 1930s thin brows were still a trend, but with the difference that they were more rounded. Marlene Dietrich is the very example and what is more interesting is the fact that in the 1930s women liked to apply some brilliantine or olive oil to their brows to make them shiny.

Marlene Dietrich, 1930s



In the 1940s the trend changed and women started letting their brows grow, because a thicker style was sexier. We have two famous personalities from the 1940s that were recognized from their eyebrows: Frida Kahlo and the actress Lauren Bacall. Frida’s eyebrows were quite unique and so natural, while Lauren had more defiant eyebrows and they were perfectly shaped.

Frida Kahlo, 1940



Lauren Bacall, 1940s



I believe that the 1950s had the most amazing eyebrow style, which is more common nowadays. Eyebrows were thick in the inner corners, and they became thinner in the outer corners with a well-defined rounded or squared shape.

Marilyn Monroe, 1950s



Elizabeth Taylor, 1950s



Audrey Hepburn, 1955



Jane Russell, 1950s



In the 60s natural brows were more common, but many women liked to draw over the shape of their brows and create a bold look.

Jean Shrimpton, 1960s



In the 70s, the area of the hippies marked the simplicity in the look of a woman. For such reason, even brows were kept natural.

Farrah Fawcett, 1970s



The real fun came in the 1980s, with the area of Rock & Roll, where thick and dark brows were quite a famous trend. Madonna and Brooke Shields are the very example of that time.

Madonna, 1980s



Brooke Shields, 1980s



In the 1990s, women loved Drew Barrymore’s thin arches, so the trend from the 20s was back. Women started keeping their brows thinner.

Drew Barrymore, 1990s



Gwen Stefani, 1990s



In the early 2000s, brows were still kept thinner, but with much more of an angular arch.

Christina Aguilera, 2000s



But things changed in 2010 when Cara Delevingne started the thicker brows trend again. Everyone became obsessed with thick bold brows and hundreds of products for brows were launched from different brands.

Cara Delevingne, 2011


By Enxhi Tufina

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