Princess Beatrice and Eugenie could step up and help cover Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s roles


Both Princess Beatrice and Eugenie could help to take on some of the responsibilities previously looked after by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their roles as senior royals.

After Harry and Meghan recently announced that they would be stepping down, it’s thought that the princess sisters might step up.

Expert biographer and The Crown consultant, Robert Lacey, explained to Hello!: “It’s quite clear that one of the consequences is that Beatrice and Eugenie will now be brought forward- if they’re willing to be brought forward.”

“If two go out, two have got to come in, and those two have got to be Beatrice and Eugenie. I’m sure they will step forward and be greatly welcomed. It’s what the family needs as it’s another 15 years before Prince George’s generation steps up. It’s ironic that Harry mentioned his cousins as models of how he wants to be.”

Like most royals, both the princesses have regular full-time jobs that they balance with their royal duties. Beatrice works as the vice president at data and software company Afiniti and Eugenie is an art gallery director.

Meghan and Harry confirmed that they intend to “step back as ‘senior’ members of the royal family”, in an attempt to carve out a “progressive new role within this institution”.

The Queen later released a statement from Buckingham Palace, explaining that while she would have preferred them to have remained full-time working royals, she is “entirely supportive” of the move.


From Harper’s Bazaar UK

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