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My Paris Fashion Week Looks


Red is the key

As you can see from the pictures, the red color prevails in all my Paris Fashion Week looks. Red is my favorite colors, but it was also a happy coincidence. Paris Fashion Week was a valuable and pleasant experience. I attended many fashion shows and I can consider this one of the best Fashion Weeks I have been to.


Look 1: So Rock

On my first day there I attended to Redemption fashion show. I went for a Rock look, which best fits my character and my style, but I have to admit that I was also driven by Redemption style.
Leather pants “I A.M GIA THE LABEL” and a Wolford string body.



Look 2: Red is the key

Second day started beautifully with the sun shining brightly which inspired me to put on this satin dress for the Elie Saab fashion show. I combined it with “Off White” boots and bag, which I added to the outfit in order to match with the classic red. This look ended up in the Paris Fashion Week official page.



Look 3: Punk/Rock Style 

I am very fond of the Punk/Rock style of London in the ‘80s, and I have always been inspired by the bands of the time like Sex Pistols, Ramones or The Clash.
This red tutu designed especially for me, matched with a simple black Zara T-shirt and the leather jacket is the only outfit which makes me feel like a Punk Princess  Along with my lovely heart shaped glasses, of course! This one was my favorite look for this fashion week.


Look 4: ‘90s Lady

This ala 90s outfit is so sexy and classic at the same time. I have to say that I also find myself comfortable in it, mainly because it is exactly how the little me dreamt of dressing when I grew up. I matched this checkered dress typical of the 90s with a pair of Versace Vintages sunnies and Mango knee high boots.


Look5 : Looking Italian in Paris

Even though it was Paris Fashion Week and not Milan Fashion Week, I couldn’t resist wearing this Versace Vintage shirt. The design is typical of Versace in the 90s and it came back in Versace’s latest collection, along with these lovely sunglasses which I am in love with!!!!

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