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MINDFULNESS HACKS to Live Your Happiest Life

We’ve all been there, stuck in a funk where we can’t quite pinpoint what’s bothering us and everything just seems to be off. And oftentimes, it can be hard to shake the feeling because it’s up to us to put in the mental work. Since we know the situation all too well, we wanted to share mindfulness hacks that can help shift your mood so you can break the disconnect cycle and rediscover your inner peace.When it comes to creating the energy you want to be around, you’re in the driver’s seat. You have the power to enter the highway to happiness or take a turn down a dark alley. Wellness expert and Poosh contributor, Erica Spiegelman, puts it simply: “So much of how we feel day-to-day has to do with the quality of our thoughts. We are capable of choosing our thoughts and creating positive ones. Although we cannot see them, our thoughts are very real and are responsible for nearly everything that we manifest in our lives. Depending on the content of our thoughts, we can have a life of peace, security, love, and kindness … or we can build a life of chaos, betrayal, and fear. It all depends on what thoughts we choose.”

All of today’s hacks have one thing in common, prioritizing your mental health through manifesting your best life, protecting your time, and practicing gratitude. Learn the mindfulness exercises you can do daily to boost your mood below.


Set a morning mantra.
The way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. The moment you wake up, say this (in your head or out loud): “Today is going to be a good day.” This will automatically shift your mood and set your day up for success. Never forget how powerful the mind is—you can use this to your advantage through positive thinking, or the flip side and constantly mindfuck yourself.


Practice gratitude every day.

Five minutes, that’s all you need to fill out the daily journal. While your morning matcha tea is brewing, grab a pen and jot down your responses for each a.m. prompt that include: gratitude, prioritizing your day, three amazing things, inspiring quotes, and a daily affirmation. Do the same at the end of the day for the evening reflection entry. Once you get started, you’ll look forward to your new routine and have higher levels of positive emotion, optimism, and joy.


Write down your goals for the week

Before you go to bed on Sundays, carve out 10-15 minutes to write down major projects and goals you’d like to accomplish for the week ahead. Use this sleek productivity planner to avoid procrastinating and instead prioritize where you allocate your time.


Put a time limit on tasks. 

Use your time wisely. It’s OK to have a selfish mindset when it comes to giving your time and energy to people and projects. To stay on track and limit distractions, use this mindful focus hourglass. Spend 30 minutes focused on big tasks or engaging (and uninterrupted) conversation. Plus, it makes for a chic office accessory.


Schedule time in your calendar to emotionally rest.
Embrace “me” time through mindfulness rest. Yes, your emotions need a little R&R too. You can do this through journaling, therapy, having a deep conversation with a close friend, setting boundaries, or starting “no commitment” days on the weekend. The way we nurture our emotional health is different for everyone, so test new exercises and see what works for you.


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