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Kourt’s De-Bloating MASSAGE ROUTINE

Whether you’re bloated from your period or perhaps a heavy dinner from the night before—it’s never a good feeling. Your clothes fit a little tighter, your belly feels full of gas, and it’s nearly impossible not to think about how uncomfortable your body feels—we’ve all been there and know the discomfort all too well.Luckily, there are remedies, like this list of supplements and these exercises to help reduce the excess buildup. To add to our helpful solutions, we tapped Detox Massage Creator, Rebecca Faria, who recently worked on Kourt, to give us the lowdown on everything we need to know about the power of a detoxifying massage. Keep reading to learn the technique, benefits, and how to re-create the results of the treatment from the comfort of your home.


What is Detox Massage by Rebecca?
“Detox Massage is a patented technique created by me. It’s a unique combination of manual lymphatic massage and different types of equipment. It works effectively on the root cause of the main inflammations in the body.”


How is it done?
“Each client has a different root cause that is causing the inflammation. It stems from our habits. Therefore, we can be inflamed for various reasons, such as stress, diet, anxiety, gut problems, pregnancy, surgeries … The body speaks! We just have to know how to listen to it. The treatment is done by finding areas of congestion in the body and optimally guiding the lymph flow by releasing toxins. We have to identify the root cause and work in that area of the body to eliminate the inflammation. The patient has to work with me by improving their daily habits to solve the problem permanently. Thus, we use various equipment customized for each client’s needs, such as:


Ultrasound: waves emitted by the device penetrate the fat cells and make them implode, directing them to be drained by the lymphatic system.


Radiofrequency: raises the temperature of the skin and the muscles, promoting collagen contraction and improving the production of elastin fibers, providing more support and firmness to the skin.


Endermologie: stimulates dormant cells using blood suction technology, enabling fat cells to mobilize deep tissue, reducing cellulite’s appearance.

Finally, we perform a Brazilian manual lymphatic drainage to move toxic fluid through the lymphatic system and body contouring to make the client feel lighter.”


How does it work on our body?
“The method aims to kick-start the lymphatic system by driving out toxins, minimizing water retention, and cleansing the body. The toxins are directed to the urinary tract so they can be eliminated.”


What are the benefits?
“The most significant benefit is boosting the immune and digestive systems. With the body de-bloated and the lymphatic system clean, our body can easily get rid of bacteria and toxins.”


Is it possible to perform a treatment at home?
“Although it’s not possible to perform a Detox Massage at home, adopting a self-lymphatic drainage routine helps reduce swelling in the body and promotes the removal of toxins from the body.
I recommend performing the treatment consistently two times a week or weekly.
You can watch my self-drainage massage tutorials below.”


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