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KARDASHIAN AND JENNER Beauty and Makeup Secrets


In a recent video compiled by, the publication shared a mashup of  top beauty hacks, secrets, and tricks from Kourt, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie over the years. The roundup touches on a myriad of subjects that will make any beauty enthusiast swoon: from how the sisters apply makeup differently to which discontinued products they swear by and the one thing they all agree on: sunscreen is a must (Poosh concurs!).

Below we’re highlighting the beauty secrets from each sister so you can learn how the Kardashian/Jenners glam when their squad isn’t around. Watch the full video here.

Kim Kardashian

ON MOISTURIZER: “Even if I’m already moisturized for the day, I put on moisturizer again.”ON FOUNDATION: Kim puts foundation on her hand first, and then “just kind of
mix(es) it.”ON BROWS: “For brows, I use an Anastasia pencil.”

ON BLENDING: “When you are a mom, you have no time to blend like this, so unless I have work and I’m getting my hair and makeup done, I do not have time to blend all day. So I’m trying to do it as quickly as possible.”

ON CONTOUR: “After I bake, I do cream contour. I still have to bake my crease. Instead of drawing the lines on my face, I like to keep it a little more natural.” Kim starts in the middle of her forehead and makes a “3” shape around the eye, and then down her cheekbones. She finishes the three right under her chin.

ON LIPS: “For lips now, I have been loving a dark liner. So instead of making my cupid’s bow really defined, I’ve been kind of filling it in right there. I love ’90s glam. I blend the lip liner.”

ON NORTH: “North loves eyeshadow and blushhighlighter, stuff that is powdery that she can get into with a brush and ruin it.”

ON MASCARA: “Everyone thinks I have on lash extensions, and I don’t.”

ON BRIGHTENING: “This is the key to my Armenian dark under-eye circle success. I couldn’t live without it.”


Kendall Jenner

ON MAKEUP: “I don’t really like to put too much on, because I hate when I have cakey makeup on.”ON EYEBROWS: “I usually pluck them. Sometimes I wax, but only under.”ON CONTOUR: Kendall piinches bristles on brush to make it even thinner when doing cheekbones.

ON LIPS: “I dab lip gloss to enhance my own color. I like having gloss rather than just matte. And if I don’t have gloss, I use ChapStick or something.”

ON LEARNING MAKEUP: “I learn a lot from being on set. What taught me most about how to do my own makeup is just my own face and finding out what looks good on me and what doesn’t.”


Kourtney Kardashian


From Poosh

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