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John Galliano Brings Back Iphone Ankle Holsters For Maison Margiela’s Spring 2019 Show


It’s been a big week in the tech world. First, Apple released its latest iPhone model called the XS on September 21st, which includes a lot of very fancy, esoterically-worded new improvements that basically translate to a clearer camera and a bigger screen. Next came a major shakeup at the Facebook-owned Instagram, when the photo-sharing app’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced that they would be leaving the company. But what will happen to our Explore pages? Is Mark Zuckerberg keeping tabs on our Stories? It’s a cliffhanger for sure, and as for Apple, there’s already been some criticism of the XS (short battery life and high price tag, mainly). “Who knows what the future holds—the only thing that’s certain is it’s all a lot to keep up with. ” Far away in Paris, though, one designer is taking a more definitively philosophical and sartorial approach to all of these gadgets and gizmos and cyberworlds that rule our lives. John Galliano showed a Spring 2019 collection for Maison Margiela inspired by youthful self-expression and a genderless approach to design and, after doing so during his couture show in July, he once again latched iPhones onto a couple of the model’s ankle boots.

While the couture collection took reference from the flash of an iPhone camera and included VR headsets and a screen built into one of the garments, this latest ready-to-wear collection was much less tech focused, save for the iPhone anklet. Why would anyone wear their phone on the feet, you ask? Perhaps Mr. Galliano is staging a rebellion against the GoPros and the selfie sticks, accessories that further enable our phones to revolve around our heads and inevitably force entry into them. By moving the camera to our lower extremities, perhaps we can see the world in new ways. Ever wonder what your expensive shoes see as you walk down the street each day? Mr. Galliano does, and maybe we should too. Maybe we should trade in those GoPros and selfie sticks and try on a new method of recording every single minute of our lives. Just as we’re all curious about the next iPhone model or what new project the Instagram duo has in store (and where Zuckerberg will take Instagram), we should be curious about Galliano’s ready-to-wear ankle holsters. Instead of worrying about the future, just look somewhere else. In tech as in fashion, it’s helpful to shift the focus anywhere forward, or in this case, down, question the newness, rethink the old ways, and yes, take a break from the face filters and selfies for a spell. A little perspective goes a long way.



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