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How to Prioritize WORK-LIFE BALANCE


Finding the right work-life balance is way easier said than done, especially given the majority of us are still working from home. Before we get into ways to set boundaries and limitations, it’s worth noting that just like when we were all going into the office, some workdays will be longer than others, and that’s completely OK as long as extended hours don’t become a habit. The most important thing is finding what works for your role and lifestyle and that you fully shut off once you “clock out” for the day.

Ahead, we’re sharing ways to help make sure you’re sticking to standard office hours and hopefully separating work and “me” time as best as you can during this time.

Avoid looking at emails right when you wake up.

As easy as it is to roll over and immediately start cranking out emails or responding to team text messages from the comfort of your bed, it’s a slippery slope and a terribly unhealthy habit. Our editor, Michelle Scanga, admits she’s definitely guilty of this from time to time. “I try my best to enjoy time to myself in the morning, whether it’s a quick call to a family member or aimlessly scrolling on Instagram while I’m still waking up. Since I live with a roommate, I do have to work from my room during some parts of the day when we both have calls, so I make sure to carve out time in the morning to make a matcha latte and separate everyday life and work before I dive into emails.”

Change out of your pajamas.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes 12 o’clock rolls around and, wait, you’re still in your nighty. Not only will you look more presentable on your Zoom meeting, but you’ll also feel better as well. There’s no need to go full blazer and pantsuit, but at least throw on a crisp tee or cozy sweater. The outfit change also breaks up the day so when it’s 6:30 (or whenever your workday ends), you can hop back into your jammies and enjoy your evening.

Schedule breaks for yourself during the day.

“For me, it’s always important to schedule in 30-60 minutes a day, no matter how busy I am, to do something for myself, whether that’s a break to step outside, call a family member or friend, etc. Even if I have to split up that time in intervals, it’s important to keep me sane,” Robert Vasquez, from our team, shares.

Make a daily to-do list and stick to it.

Oh, the power of prioritizing your tasks. Jonathan Homan, another Poosh team member, gifts us with this token advice: “I have always been a fan of to-do lists and create a new one each and every day. By doing so, I can break down what needs to get done into four categories (urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, neither urgent nor important). I also am very mindful of knowing my peaks, so I schedule the tasks that need the most concentration for earlier in the day.”

Have something to look forward to each night.

Sam Hyatt, Kourt’s good friend from high school (and Poosh colleague), shoots it straight for us: “The days are nutty, and every single minute is allocated to some sort of task or responsibility. At night, I can’t wait to unwind with my husband after the kids are asleep, and usually, I take an edible or smoke a j (hehe, just being honest), which always helps to minimize my stress, clear my mind, and lull me to sleep.” Whatever evening activity does it for you—could be rewatching your favorite show, cooking a delicious dinner, or a mindless FaceTime session with a friend—be sure to close your laptop and make time for what makes you happy and fulfills you at the end of the day.


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