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Healthy People Do These 10 THINGS DIFFERENTLY


Health is about more than just eating your fruits and veggies and getting some exercise. It’s just as important to take care of your mental and emotional wellness as it is to take care of your body. Need some encouragement to live a more balanced life? We’re here for you.

These 10 habits are some that healthy people have in common, and a few small tweaks to your daily routine are all you need to get started. Remember, you don’t have to implement everything at once—it’s about balance and weaving in new habits at your own pace. Pick just one of the following to try this week and then go from there. Once this becomes simple, stack on the next one.

1. They take the time to plan.
Everybody is busy, but that does not mean your health needs to be put on the back burner. Meal planning helps you be more efficient during your day, and by planning ahead, you can make smart choices related to your personal health and fitness needs.

What you can do today:
Choose one day where you can invest 30 minutes to plan out your meals for the week.

2. They move their body.
This one may seem obvious, but exercise is so important for well-being. You do not have to be an athlete or exercise for long stretches of time. Find an exercise you enjoy and start incorporating it into your daily life. Dedicated exercise has been proven to help with depression and anxiety and to improve self-esteem, mental focus, and productivity.

What you can do today:
Schedule 20 minutes each day for dedicated exercise.

3. They practice mental flexibility around food.
Practicing flexibility instead of rigid and restrictive rules around food reduces stress and can help you enjoy the experience of eating. Also, it helps you stay consistent with your health goals because having a flexible perspective leads to sustainable results.

What you can do today:
Become aware of the food rules you are holding on to that may be causing you stress and overwhelm. Loosen up the rules that feel rigid and restrictive to allow flexibility and joy during meal times.

4. They eat their colors.
Eating a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables provides many of the vitamins and antioxidants that help to protect against cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and other diseases. Increasing fruits and vegetables also leads to an improved gut microbiome, which in turn improves overall health and well-being.

What you can do today:
Increase your fruit intake to 1 1/2 to 2 cups per day, and increase your vegetable intake to 2 to 3 cups per day.

5. They value sleep.
Sleeping plays a major role in healing, repairing, and recharging your body. Those who value sleep are more likely to make better choices throughout the day when it comes to their health.

What you can do today:
Create a bedtime routine that you enjoy and one that helps you wind down for the night. Pro tip: stop using electronic devices 30 minutes before bed.

6. They have a growth mindset.
Staying curious and keeping an open mind to learn new things helps contribute to self-development. Having a growth mindset makes it easier to stick to good habits and develop new skills. Plus, it’s been shown to improve your health and happiness down the line.

What you can do today:
Take some time to think about the kind of person you want to become and write down daily actions that will help move you toward that identity. Set a schedule, show up, and stick to it.

7. They drink plenty of water.
Dehydration can cause fatigue and disruption in mood. Staying hydrated is top of the list of healthy people who want to accomplish daily tasks while warding off headaches and sluggishness.

What you can do today:
Drink a glass of water after every bathroom break.

8. They strengthen their muscles.
Training your muscles contributes to better balance, enhances the quality of life, develops strong bones, and keeps you lean. It also helps prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass that comes with aging.

What you can do today:
You do not need any equipment to strength train. Schedule 20 minutes three days a week, and start with your body weight.

9. They spend time outdoors.
Spending time outdoors in nature can be healing and beneficial for the body and mind. Being outdoors has been shown to improve health and well-being, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase focus and productivity.

What you can do today:
Take a walk in your neighborhood or sit outside on your porch. Spend a few minutes outside every day to bring your mind to a positive place.

10. They practice mindfulness and relaxation.
In a world where people wear busy like a badge of honor and stress seems to be a normal part of life, it’s important to take time to slow down. Living in the moment and being mindful of your surroundings and your emotions helps to reduce stress and allows you to enjoy life more.

What you can do today:
Take a few minutes each day to sit and notice your breath. Practice this whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and need a way to de-stress.


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