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Chanel Spring 2019 Couture Show


Watching any Chanel show is a fascination, especially when it is the presentation of a Couture Collection. Even though Karl Lagerfeld likes to bring new ideas and designs on the runway, he does not forget the classic Chanel, made of beautiful suits below the knee. A pencil skirt matched with a tight jacket has always been a Chanel thing and it is present in every collection.

Such outfit is pure class and glamour and that is what Chanel stands for, so the designer does not forget the roots of the prestigious brand and each time he presents his own version of the Chanel suit, without forgetting the long dresses.

With winter not going anywhere anytime soon, inside the Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld brought the beautiful colours of summer.

Besides the traditional black & white, warm colours dominated the spring 2019 couture collection. The inspiration from this collection came from the 18th century and it was pure dream.


Photos are courtesy of Alessandro Lucioni

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