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Celebrity Houses: 25 A-List cribs that serve serious goals


If snooping at celebrity houses was an Olympic sport, we’re pretty sure we could afford to live in one of them right now.

From Dakota Johnson’s wood-panelled Sunset Strip dream house, to Cameron Diaz’s Beverly Hills mansion (which, if you ask us, looks like a small nod to Kate Winslet’s Surrey cottage in The Holiday), there’s nothing quite like playing fantasy celebrity house swap.

So if you’ve found a seriously big Selling Sunset shaped hole in your life of late, we come baring good news.

Because we’ve done a spot of detective work, and found some of the most luxurious, decadent and extravagant celebrity homes on the planet. (Though needless to say, most of them are in LA.)

That’s all thanks to our new obsession – the @housesofcelebs Instagram account. Granting Insta scrollers a sneak peak inside the houses of celebrities from Kim Kardashian West to Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, it really is a sight to behold.

Credit where credit’s due, the team at HoC is behind every genius image shared below, and they’ve indicated who specifically is to credit under each IG post. We’ve just rounded them up for you, so you can scan the best celebrity houses in one place.

You can thank us in three hours when you manage to peel yourself away from your screen….

First we brought you celebrity vegans, then we brought you celebrity baby names. Next on the list? Some seriously dreamy celebrity houses. Keep scrolling.

25 celebrity houses that are serious goals

1. Cameron Diaz’s House

Where? Beverly Hills

How much? $14.7 million

Cameron’s house looks like the perfect amalgamation of her LA mansion and Kate Winslet’s British country cottage in The Holiday. And we’re 100% here for it.


2. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s House

Where? Montecito

How much? $14.1 million

Just a casual $14.1 million? Sign us up.


3. Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s House

Where? Bel Air

How much? $11 million

Did we really expect anything less from these two? This one’s radiating big space age energy.


4. Reese Witherspoon’s House

Where? Malibu

How much? $6.2 million

This is one of the more wholesome celebrity houses on our list. And we wouldn’t expect anything less from global sweetheart Reese Witherspoon.


5. Jennifer Aniston’s House

Where? Bel Air

How much? $21 million

The indoor-outdoor feel of this one is seriously Zen. Excellent choice, Jen.


6. Gabrielle Union’s House

Where? Hidden Hills

How much? $18 million

If the outside alone is this good, just imagine what the interior’s like…


7. Kylie Jenner’s House

Where? Holmby Hills

How much? $36 million

If we had to guess what Kylie Jenner’s house looked like on the inside, we’d have guessed correctly. This one just screams no shoes inside the house, please.


8. Chrissy Teigan & John Legend’s House

Where? Beverley Hills

How much? $17 million

Fittingly, our favourite celeb couple has one of our favourite celeb houses. We can’t see a baby grand piano, but we’re assuming it’s somewhere out of sight…


9. Naomi Osaka’s House

Where? Beverly Hills

How much? $6 million

Tennis pro Naomi Osaka has one of the most tasteful celebrity houses on the list. Those chairs! We have no other words.


10. Demi Lovato’s House

Where? Studio City

How much? $7 million

If you lived somewhere as perpetually sunny as LA, why wouldn’t you design a house where the inside spills into the outside? Good choices all round, Demi.


11. Calvin Klein’s House

Where? Hollywood Hills

How much? $25 million

If Calvin Klein’s mansion was up for sale on Selling Sunset, Christine would be the one to close the deal. And that’s a fact.


12. Matthew Perry’s House

Where? Pacific Palisades

How much? $7 million

The headboard, the twin armchairs, the view… this one is giving us everything. Chandler Bing really came good on this one.


13. Dakota Johnson’s House

Where? Sunset Strip

How much? $3.5 million

Dakota Johnson’s style isn’t just limited to her always on point fashion choices – as evidenced by her Sunset Strip mid-century modern house.


14. Kourtney Kardashian’s House

Where? Calabasas

How much? $8.5 million

Everything from the decorative positioning of a loaf of bread, to the gleaming countertops in Kourtney Kardashian’s kitchen is immaculate. Love.


16. Justin and Hailey Bieber’s House

Where? Beverley Hills

How much? $26 million

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s marriage is one of the more surprising celebrity events to have happened in recent years, but their shared home is every bit as chic as expected.


17. Taylor Lautner’s House

Where? Agoura Hills

How much? $3.8 million

One of the most rural celebrity houses on the list, Taylor Lautner has opted for a modernist dream mansion in West LA.


18. Jennifer Lopez’s House

Where? Miami

How much? $40 million

Better than the Selling Sunset $40 million house? We’ll leave that one up to you.


19. Miley Cyrus’s House

Where? Hidden Hills

How much? $5 million

Miley Cyrus’ Hollywood house looks like it was plucked straight from a Nancy Meyer’s film. If ever they make a third Father of the Bride film, we’re hoping they shoot it here.


20. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s House

Where? Montecito

How much? $14.7 million

Last year Meghan and Harry left behind Frogmore Cottage for a Montecito mega-mansion. And judging by the pictures we’ve seen so far, we definitely understand the appeal.


21. Kendall Jenner’s House

Where? Beverly Hills

How much? $8.5 million

Kendall might be the second youngest, but she has one of the most tasteful celebrity houses of all the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Case in point: her own personal painting room.


22. Sofia Vergara’s House

Where? Beverley Hills

How much? $26 million

23. Ariana Grande’s House

Where? Hollywood Hills

How much? $14 million

Ariana Grande’s house is as cool as… well, Ariana Grande.


24. Barack and Michelle Obama’s House

Where? Massachusetts

How much? $11 million

I mean, it’s not the White House, but it’ll do.


25. Drake’s House

Where? Toronto

How much? $100 million

Got a spare $100 million to hand? Well, Drake’s Toronto mansion could be yours. Cheap at the price, if you ask us.

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