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14 Celebrities On Their Travel Beauty Tips


Over the years, Vogue has spoken to an array of actors, models, musicians and other famous faces about their beauty, health and fitness routines and the advice they’ve picked up along the way. Here, Vogue collates their ultimate travel beauty tips.


Kate Winslet

“When I travel on long-haul flights, these days I always take off my make-up and throw on a ton of moisturiser. And if I know that I have to look decent as soon as I step off the plane then yes, I do go for a sheet mask. Lancôme Advanced Genifique Mask is amazing. I always feel a bit daft sitting there looking like Hannibal Lecter with the cut-out eye slits. But if I know that I have to go directly from the airport to record a live talk show or to a photo shoot, I just have to do something to help out the face whilst I’m in the air!”


Zoë Kravitz

“I love Caudalie Beauty Elixir as it’s great after a flight – it wakes you up and I love the minty smell. Retrouvé does great travel-sized serums and I also have to keep Touche Éclat in my bag as you never know who you’re gonna see! It’s nice for when you land.”


Keira Knightley

“I completely fail to keep myself on an even keel with my skincare when travelling, but I have just discovered rosehip oil, which a friend of mine recommended. Flights are so hard on your skin and they make it so dry, so I gave this a go and it really worked. Now I always travel with it.”


Karen Elson

“I’m all about travel-sized everything. Everything. If I can get it in a travel size, I’ll get it in a travel size. Moroccanoil? Travel size. Eve Lom travel cleanser. Give me anything travel-sized, I want it. I have way too many things when I pack my bag. I bring everything but the kitchen sink. I have got in so many arguments about the little clear carry-on bags, especially at Heathrow. They made me throw away a Crème De La Mer! It was all in, but the bag wouldn’t close quite properly. I was like, it’s La Mer!”


Bella Hadid

“I always keep my essential oils with me, and my crystals. I make sure I have a good energy on the plane because sometimes I panic if I fly too much. I’m alone most of the time so I need to make sure I have all my homey things with me. I make the plane my home. One of my make-up artists in Korea knows how tired I get and she gave me this box of liquid ginseng in little packets. It tastes horrible but it gives you this burst of energy.”


Drew Barrymore

“A mini Evian mister is so good. I’m not one of those fliers who stretches and drinks eight ounces of water every hour. I’m like, give me the Bloody Mary! It’s free. I paid a thousand dollars for this ticket but I will take this crappy wine of yours and all the peanuts and crackers.”


Emilia Clarke

“I always pack my full kit and I can’t do it any other way: Shiseido cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream.”


Adwoa Aboah

“It’s not necessarily a beauty tip but I have a weird thing about making sure that my area on the plane is clean. A lot of disinfecting the area. When you think about how many germs are there and they definitely just vacuum-clean it… Don’t use the pillow. Bring your own.”


Margot Robbie

“You have to wear make-up when you’re going through the airport annoyingly, because there are often paparazzi there. But then when I’m on the plane I’m pedantic about getting the make-up off, so I use wipes – usually Johnson & Johnson – and then Peter Thomas Roth Complexion Correction Pads to tone. I also really like Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, I have either one in my bag all the time. I have a beauty bag for the plane packed all the time, so I can just grab it. The products are all the right size so they can’t take them off me. I have that system down.”


Jessica Chastain

“I think it’s important not to wear much make-up on planes. Also the air is really dry so I’m someone that spritzes rosewater a lot. First of all I love the way it smells. It’s so relaxing and calming and really good for your skin. I also do a lot of masks on the plane but it’s weird if someone recognises me. I used to put a mask on my face and go to sleep. But I don’t want someone taking a picture of me asleep with a mask on my face.”


Hailey Bieber

“I don’t like to travel with make-up on. I don’t mask on the plane, but I do put on lots of moisturiser. And drink a lot of water.”


Christy Turlington-Burns

“When I travel I double my application of moisturiser, usually an oil-based cream, and I don’t wear make-up on the plane. I also try to drink a lot of water – I think hydration is so important both topically and internally. There were times I used to not really eat or drink on the plane but at this point it’s like – it helps pass the time! It’s harder and harder to be able to bring your own stuff on the plane so I kind of give in and take whatever is available.”


Maya Jama

“I’m on planes quite a lot so I’ll definitely wear a sheet mask and then heavy night creams – just moisture, moisture, moisture and drink loads of water at the same time, basically. I really like Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Face Mask. It makes you look so funny. The good thing about it for travel is that you can go straight to sleep and it won’t move because it has ear hooks.”


Binx Walton

“My friend Lexi [Boling] got me some La Mer water spray from the airport. Now, it comes with me everywhere. If you’re flying a lot, you need to stay hydrated. Even if you’re drinking a lot of water, you still need to moisturise.”


From British Vogue

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