Younes Bendjima and Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Almost Broke Up Over Her Sexy Instagrams


In extremely UGH ad eye roll-inducing news, Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Younes Bendjima left a terrible and completely garbage comment on a photo of her in a thong bikini.

You can read all about that drama this way, but apparently Kourtney’s sexy Instagram photos have been a source of contention for our buddy Younes in the past. Which is wild, because what Kourtney does with her Instagram/her body are NONE of his business!

“He never liked that she posted sexy pictures of herself on social media,” a source tells People. “He doesn’t want his girlfriend to do that. He gets that it’s her job, but wants her to post more covered up pictures.”

Ummm…kay. Even lamer, Younes and Kourtney almost broke up over his discomfort with her sexy posts: “He has always had a problem with this,” the source says. “This is the stuff they argue about and what made them split in the past.”

Wow so many side-eyes at Younes.



From: Cosmopolitan


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