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Why Your Workout Is Not Showing Its Results


You have been working out for quite some time now, and yet there aren’t any positive results. This is a common issue. You start wondering what is wrong with your body, why all those workouts are not giving any results. Well, we know that this is kind of frustrating, but you should know that you are not doing your BEST.


  1. Workout often

The first issue is related to the fact that you are not using your time properly. You cannot expect to succeed if you go to the gym 2 times a week and stay there more than 2 hours. Your weekly workout should be your priority and 4-5 times per week at the gym should turn into your goal.

  1. Mix it up

Do not follow the same workout, because it comes a point in your life when your body gets used to your workout routine and you won’t notice the positive effects you had in the beginning. Try to mix your weekly workout routine like jogging or yoga 2 times a week and fitness 3 times a week. Even your fitness routine should include different exercises time to time.


  1. Eat well

You do not have to follow a specific diet if you are not a diet person. Just make sure that you eat the right thing in the right portion. After a workout, opt for a protein-based smoothie as it helps your muscles recover and you won’t feel the hunger later. 


  1. Rest

Your body needs some rest time to time. The workout routine can cause you pain and injuries, so your muscles need to rest. As you are hitting the gym 4-5 times per week, dedicate at least two days to resting. If you want to exercise regularly you can go to a yoga class or a take a slow walk, but without causing physical stress to your body.



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