Why Princess Diana Wore Two Watches?


Princess Diana might have been famously averse to fashion before her wedding to Prince Charles, but she was already making a statement, whether she knew it or not.

Case in point, this picture of a young Diana Spencer in July 1981, during her engagement. She was watching Prince Charles play polo at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, and wore a pretty patterned blouse. So far so normal.

But the killer detail you may never have noticed, was the fact she wore two watches on her wrist, and the reason behind this is actually really sweet.

One the watches, the thin gold metallic one, was hers, but the larger one with the leather strap was Prince Charles’. She wore it as a tribute to him, and to wish him luck in the match.

You could say this harks back to the middle ages, where a knight would tie a lady’s handkerchief to the back of his helmet as a good luck talisman. We love the idea and you’ll probably find us digging through the best Black Friday watches deals to jump in on the tradition.

This wasn’t to be the last time Diana wore an item as a tribute to loved ones, as on her wedding day, she borrowed her sisters’ tiara as a nod to the Spencer family.

We know the marriage sadly didn’t last, but this gesture was proof the future Princess was truly besotted with her fiancé, and that’s rather romantic.



From: Marie Clarie UK


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