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What You Need to Make a Relationship Last, by Sign


You know how to date by zodiac sign, but what happens after you fall in love? How can you make sure that magical first date turns into a real relationship—you know, the kind that lasts more than a month and maybe involves eventually moving in together and adopting a furbaby? Let the stars help you figure out how to make sure your LTR is actually long. Now that you found love, what are you gonna do?



Sometimes you can be a little pushy—you’ve always gotta be right! But in order to keep your relationship strong, you need to let your S.O. win a few arguments. (Just a few!) Remember, you don’t always have to have the last word.



As the strong and silent type, you don’t always express what you really want and need. But you have to tell your boo what you want to make sure you’re both on the same page, instead of expecting them to read your mind! Be real, Taurus.



You looovvveee to talk. Whether it’s an IRL convo as you’re eating dinner together, texting throughout the day, or surprising your boo with an impromptu FaceTime, you’re always ready to chat. TBH, it can be kind of a lot. I know it’s hard, but resist the urge to triple-text in the middle of the workday. That way, you’ll have all the more to talk about when you’re actually together.



You go all in on your relationships, and you’ll do anything for your boo. This can create confusion when your boo thinks you really love The Masked Singer when no, you’re just watching it bc they do! Set boundaries to make sure your partner doesn’t take you for granted.



You’re a star. You know it, and your partner totally knows it. But sometimes they can feel overshadowed by your ~fame~. In fact, they’re probably yearning for their own identity outside of the relationship. So let them shine. Show them you’re their fan too.



You tend to get too focused on the details. This means that if your sweetie doesn’t text you back immediately, you come up with five different theories about what they’re actually doing by the time they send you a “Sry! Phone died.” Don’t do that! Trust your S.O. If you can’t, why are you with them?



You have a little habit of acting like your S.O. Their fave take-out place = your fave take-out place, even though it’s not. You always give your all to make a relationship work—even if it means compromising your needs. You need to speak up, Libra! Tell your S.O. that, actually, you’re really sick of pizza and you want tacos tonight. Your S.O. will appreciate it!



When you like someone, you’re in deep. Your feelings are intense, passionate, and hot, to say the least. But to keep the relationship steamy, let your boo have some time to miss you. If they have a night away from you, the next night will be even better.



You’re a free spirit, and commitment can be hard for you. When you decide to DTR, it means you’re really serious about your S.O. But in order to sustain a relationship, you’ll need to bring your partner in on your impulsive vibe. Invite them with you on an adventure to a place you’ve both never been before, even if it’s just a park in a nearby neighborhood.



You’re used to being the boss in everything you do, which means you need to share the responsibilities with your partner instead of planning every date/meal/Netflix binge yourself. Think of your S.O. as your copilot, not your employee.



You need to be in a relationship that feels super ~unique~. You hate anything boring or basic! So be extra creative when it comes to how, when, and where you get frisky with your S.O. Keep things interesting, and your relationship can last forever.



You’re all about fantasy, so consider role-playing sometimes! You’ll get to put your imagination to work, and your new persona will intensify the relationship you have with your boo. Have fun!


From Cosmopolitan

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