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What is wrong with your foundation?


Dermatologists recommend applying a moisturizer before applying the foundation. Following their suggestions we did the exact same thing. The process is very simple:

  1. Clean the face;
  2. Apply the moisturizer;
  3. Apply the foundation or powder;
  4. Continue with the other parts of the face in order to finish the makeup routine.

But, you cannot be satisfied if you notice that your foundation does not settle quite well and this frustrates you, because your skin tone is not even.

The first thing you do, is blaming it all on the foundation, but the real troublemaker here is the moisturizer. YES, the moisturizer! In this case it is not the product you have bought, but the timeframe between the moisturizer and the foundation. When you apply your moisturizer you should let it be absorbed by the skin and then continue with the foundation. That’s what is causing the streaky makeup.

What can you do about it?

  1. After applying the moisturizer, you should leave it for a few minutes until it is fully absorbed. In the meantime, you can apply mascara or an eyeliner or do your hair;
  2. If you see that you have put too much moisturizer and it is taking too long to be absorbed, get a tissue and remove the extra moisturizer from your skin.


Although there are many products that can help makeup settle better on our face, like primers and face sprays, we are so busy and run so tight schedules that we don’t have time to apply all of them and we limit ourselves at only using the moisturizer and the foundation.


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By Enxhi Tufina

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