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WELLNESS TREND: Finding Your Magnetic Energy

If you’ve read part 1 of our interview with Lacy Phillips, founder of To Be Magnetic, the modern guide to holistic living and manifesting, you know that the biggest initial hurdle is yourself. Once we can, ehem, get over ourselves we can fully embrace our true potential. Locking in that potential with reinforcement, i.e. journaling, is how we begin to pick up steam and truly create magnetic energy.

But a lot of that steam is powered by positioning. We can’t expect the light to shine on our every wish when we remain slumped in the dark. Lacy explains:

Basics to shift into the right place for attraction and magnetic energy:

1. “Raise your subconscious self-worth and stop settling for less than you deserve.
2. Surround yourself with people that you relate to, have what you want, and inspire you.
3. Surrender. True surrender is a deep trust in your ability to choose the right actions and that you’re always exactly where you’re supposed to be.
4. Remember that the universe is always co-creating with you. You just have to get your self-worth to match what you want to call in, so the universe knows you can hold space for it.”

Beginners, know this:

  • “Consistency is key.
  • Follow your intuition (we all have one).
  • Don’t give the universe timelines.
  • And remember, there’s no wrong way to do this work.

With that said, the people who commit most deeply to their practice are the people who have insanely powerful transformations and the most kismet manifestations. Go all in, and join the community group that comes with your membership because you’re going to want the like-minded support! Tons of our members say the community group is their favorite part of The Pathway.”

The biggest manifestation essential:

“To manifest, you need to be unblocked, expanded, and taking aligned action. Amid these steps, you’ll encounter tests from the universe that ask you to step fully into your inherent worthiness. That’s all the universe wants for us—to step back into who we are at a soul level, sans all the pain, trauma, shame, and programming.

This is a lifelong journey and not a quick fix. You’ll ebb and flow in and out of the work, but the tools are always there for you. Also, if you stick to your practice, you will manifest, and probably sooner than you think!”

Astrologically, we hear that all these full moon lunar eclipses are not the best time for manifestation … but clearly, that’s very OK. It takes a lot of work to unblock and align ourselves, so the work starts now. 2022 is looking extra sparkly thanks to this powerful intro to manifestation with Lacy, and we are more than excited to put our journal skills to the test. Do you desire something deeply enough? It’s our life. Let’s design it.


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