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Weekend at the beach


Since I have decided to post most of my trips and some special days of my life in my diary (not only those with professional photo shootings), I am opening this chapter with last weekend in Montenegro. Tirana is so hot these days, so me and Zeni, my partner, decided to take a sweet escape in the Budva beach. The beach was marvelous and very quiet for a Saturday. I have taken some pictures in the sea, with my favorite bikini and favorite design, #dgbananaleaf, and for our first dinner I decided to wear a Diane Von Furstenberg dress, which you can also find in my shop “Delirium”.

I love the dress since it makes me feel like a coquette. We had not planned to stay the other day due to Monday’s commitments of both of us, nevertheless, breath taken by the beauties of the place, we decided we could stay another day. For some reason, I find dinning in the seaside the most romantic of all. After dinner, I lost myself in the restaurant library, amidst the history books which I love to collect.

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