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Watch Kim Kardashian Give a Tour of Her Minimalist Home With Kanye West


So far, the only glimpses of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s home have been shared in social media posts. But the celebrity power couple opened the doors of their $60 million Hidden Hills, California estate when Kardashian participated in Vogue‘s “73 Questions,” and it is really something. The austere home, which Kardashian refers to as a “minimal monastery,” is an exercise in restraint.

From the artless bone-colored walls to the lack of furniture throughout, it looks more like a photo set than a place where humans — let alone a family of five, and soon six — reside. The Axel Vervoordt–designed house doesn’t have many places to sit, but all of the ones it does have — the dining room, the eat-in kitchen, and a bleached grand piano — adhere to a whitewashed palette. As for Kardashian and West’s bedroom, their interview offers the biggest look at it yet and, spoiler alert, it doesn’t have much furniture either. Instead there is a giant bed, which Kardashian and West and their three children, North, Saint and Chicago, gather around, and a bathroom that is the size of some apartments.

You would never be able to tell that the bathroom is actually a bathroom, save for the giant concrete tub in the middle of the room. The bathroom, which is full of natural light thanks to a giant wall that shows off tropical landscaping outside, also consists of an oversized walk-in shower with controls so minimal you can barely see them in the video.

The kitchen, meanwhile, looks like a kitchen — and one that you’d find in the neo-Californian section of Pinterest. It’s minimalism at its finest, with a bleached wood and beige palette. For decor, there are two sections of shelves containing tea ware: one in black and one in, you guessed it, white. It’s also decorated with sparse plants and crystal rocks.

As for Kardashian’s pet peeve, which she reveals in the video, it’s “a disorganized closet.” That makes sense considering the reality TV and beauty mogul used to work as a professional organizer, which she recently reminisced about to W. “Visually, I want my closet to look not so full,” she said, adding, “I’m the most organized person ever.” With these few belongings, it couldn’t be easier to stay organized.


From W Magazine

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