Tristan Thompson Reportedly Wanted To Hit On A 17-Year-Old Girl


It seems that Tristan Thompson might have done even worse things than everyone believed so far.

After cheating on Khloe Kardashian last year and doing it all over again with her friend, Jordyn Woods not too long ago, something else pops up.

If you watched the latest KUWK trailer, you also saw that it’s flooded with tons of drama and Khloe Kardashian lets out all of her pain following the Tristan cheating episode with Jordyn.

It was reported that both Tristan and Khloe would be having trouble watching the KUWKepisodes.

In the season 16 trailer, Khloe is seen screaming all her frustrations, and the images are pretty emotional to watch.

Anyway, back to the latest event. The Shade Room just shared a photo of Tristan allegedly trying to message a girl of only 17 years of age.

People in the comments section seem to be on Tristan’s side this time.

Someone said ‘i’m sorry if she doesn’t have 17 in her bio or something there is no way for anybody to guess 17. IG needs to make accounts under 18 with something so you can know off the top. Because the girl is beautiful but does look 18 and older for sure. 17 in Draco voice.’

Another commenter said ‘Ok she doesn’t look 17 at all, and I’m guessing her bio didn’t say she was in fact 17. I don’t think he was trying to get at an “underage “ young lady. I think he hopped in her DMs because she was beautiful. Social media programmers need to do something so that it shows when they are minors to avoid things like this. 🤷🏽‍♀️’

Someone else had this to say: ‘People are so focused on constantly making the woman out to be the “bad guy” -She looks like she’s 25 -She wants clout – Khloe is a home wrecker.’

A person believes that Tristan is a single man and there’s nothing wrong with him chasing other ladies: ‘Tristan is a single man I don’t understand the outrage but get ya clout Sis 😒 I’m sure the football player you’re already smashing won’t mind. 🙄’

One commenter agrees and says: ‘Why do y’all keep doing this.. if a celebrity slide in my DMs the next thing y’all gone see is me on a boat to the Bahamas.’

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