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Before you start to pack, it’s essential that you have a list of items you’re going to be bringing on your trip. Write it all down, from how many pairs of undergarments you will need to the number of outfits you’ll bring. We know Fabolous sings, “just throw it in the bag,” but not in this case. You’ll find yourself in chaos and struggling to fit things in.We want the packing process to be an easy one, that’s why we curated what we think are helpful tips to guide you. Read on before you head out for the holidays so you can fit all your essentials nicely in your carry-on suitcase.


Buy a reliable carry-on bag

  • The options are endless in the world of luggage. We’ve narrowed it down with our top two picks. They both have a hard exterior to protect anything inside from breaking and a deep flat surface to pack on top of. Plus, they’re chic and make people look twice at the airport.


Use packing cubes

• Packing cubes will allow you to become organized when packing. You can pack each cube in categories, e.g. socks, tops, undergarments, etc.


• Roll your clothing. This helps consolidate space so you can fit more in your suitcase.
• If rolling isn’t your thing, try folding your clothing together (two T-shirts on top of each other folded into one). 

Pack all your outfits together

• By packing your outfits together, you’ll save a headache and make repacking on your way back a lot easier. For example, in one packing cube, roll or fold a shirt, sweater, bra, underwear, etc. While in another cube you can put your dress, tights, and underwear. Since you’ve already planned all your outfits, it will be easier to fit everything.
• Take a picture of all your outfits before you pack them. When you’re at your destination, you can quickly reference them and cut down on getting-ready time. 

Use all of your space

• When it comes to packing your shoes, remember this tip: put your socks inside of your shoes to save space.
• Don’t fold your outerwear into a chunky square but rather use it as the base or foundation of the suitcase so that it lays thin, and place clothes on top and tuck into sides.
• Instead of packing all of your different supplements and taking up a good amount of room in your bag, use these pillboxes, which will help keep your pills consolidated and organized.


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