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The secret to a perfect lipstick


Lips are essential for the Make Up routine, but in order to get the desirable look, you should apply your lipstick the right way. Do you know the secret to a perfect lipstick? Easy, the lip liner!

We are aware that the lip liner is not used that much, because it takes time to apply it the right way when you only have few minutes to get ready. But, if you are looking for perfection, you should follow our suggestions.

Choose the shade

First of all, choose the color you wish to apply on your lips. Then, apply a liner that is lighter than your lipstick color. If you are planning to wear read, go for a light shade of red and if you are planning to be natural, go for a nude color or soft pink.

Go easily

Never take a heavy hand when applying the lip liner. This is a common mistake that most women do. The lip liner should be applied very carefully and softly, otherwise you will ruin everything. The lip liner adds definition to your lips by making them look bolder.

Follow the shape of your mouth

If you want to add definition to your lips you must carefully follow the shape of your mouth. Never reach outside that area.


After applying the lip liner, use your hands to soften it a bit and then go for the chosen lipstick color. You can use the lip liner again, if you want to correct any mistakes.

Go for nude

If you are not into buying many shades of a lip liner, go for nude. A nude color perfectly works with any lipstick color.


Written by Enxhi Tufina

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