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The Most Iconic Celebrity Fringes


Changing your hairstyle can be quite tricky, especially when you think about experimenting with your look.  For example, fringes can be tricky, but if you go to a professional hairstylist, you will never regret having bangs.

We are convinced that many women believe a fringe is just a simple change of hairstyle, but they are not aware of the way their look changes after getting them.

Although bangs are now considered a recent beauty statement, there is a list of a few well-known faces that are recognized from their signature look. The actress Jane Birkin is not only known for inspiring the iconic Hermes Birkin Bag, but also for her thin straight hair with bangs. The Fashion guru, Anna Wintour, has never betrayed her signature look, a bob with a fringe and we can also list many other famous women like Natalie Wood, Jean Shrimpton, Debbie Harry, etc.

But changing your hairstyle and having bangs is quite a challenge and the hairstylist should pay lots of attention to the details you give and also analyse your face structure for the right model. You can go for the side fringe, straight-cut bangs or fringe separated in the middle and also a bob with a fringe. It is time you find your fringe model as they are back as a trend and celebrities and models are embracing it, so scroll down for some inspiration as you might need it.

Audrey Hepburn


Bettie Paige


Louise Brooks


Marianne Faithfull


Jean Shrimpton


Natalie Wood


Jane Birkin


Stevie Nicks


Farrah Fawcett


Debbie Harry


Drew Barrymore


Linda Evangelista


Zoë Kravitz


Penelope Cruz






Selena Gomez


Rooney Mara


Naomi Campbell


Karlie Kloss


Jeanne Damas


Felicity Jones


Dakota Johnson


Caroline de Maigret


Photos are taken from British Vogue

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