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The biggest hat you’ve seen on Bella Hadid’s Instagram account wasn’t Jacquemus’ creation



One of the most IN trends right now is straw, which we see everywhere; in accessories and bags. Except for the fact that they are stylish and beautiful, straw hats come really handy in summer. This message was clearly given by Jacquesmus, who introduced us to the prettiest straw hat we’ve ever seen. Maybe it was model Bella Hadid’s credit, who appeared very beautiful and in the same time sexy on the cover of “Vogue Mexico”. A very elegant way of hiding from the sun this summer… With this trend, be bold: honestly, the bigger the better.

Everybody thought that it was Simon Porte Jacquemus the one introduced the trend for this summer, but it seems that we were all wrong. According to “Vogue Mexico” the credits go to the Mexican brand “Olmos y Flores”. He was the creator of this big straw hat and he was inspired by the Palapa Mexican beaches. What’s more important, it was him who posted the picture of Bella Hadid also providing due explanations and adding other straw hats which he had created.

We all know that fashion was born in France, but as per this case, credits go to Mexico.




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