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The 20 Most Iconic Coats in Movie History


“What’s a coat you think about a lot?” This prompt by Twitter user Pete Anderson got team BAZAAR.com thinking about all the cinematic toppers that live in our heads rent-free. From larger-than-life furs worn by girls about town to a leopard wrap by a vaudeville star to leather trenches with attitude indicative of the ’90s, the list ran the gamut.

The way an actor gestures—a smirk, a glance—and what they are wearing while doing it can resonate for years to come. Color, material, buttons, length of the sleeves: It is the details, the little things, that help build that character. As a result, we see ourselves in their clothes, become inspired by their wardrobes, and, to varying degrees, seek to reflect their attitudes in the real world. Well, sometimes. Never underestimate someone who can look fantastic while being less than a desirable example for life.

Ahead, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the most iconic coat looks on film—along with similar pieces you can shop now.

Year 1942


Butterfield 8
Year 1960


Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Year 1961


Belle de Jour
Year 1967


Funny Girl
Year 1968


Year 1995


A Perfect Murder
Year 1998


Out of Sight
Year 1998


The Matrix
Year 1999


Almost Famous
Year 2000


The Royal Tenenbaums
Year 2001


The Devil Wears Prada
Year 2006


Sex and the City
Year 2008


Brown Sugar
Year 2002


In the Mood for Love
Year 2000


The Thomas Crown Affair
Year 1999


Hannah and Her Sisters
Year 1986


Year 1975


Three Days of the Condor
Year 1975


The Photograph
Year 2000


From Harper’s Bazaar US

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