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Summer Jewels


This summer your looks won’t be complete without the right jewels. Wearing jewellery doesn’t have the same effect when you are on holidays. Usually when we pack for the holidays, we tend to have everything perfect. We plan what we are going to wear every single day, so wearing jewels is essential as well.

Without any particular reason or maybe there is a reason but we don’t know it yet, the demand for jewellery reached higher levels during the pandemic.

Nowadays you see women wear all kinds of jewels, stainless steel or gold, silver or pearls, enamel or handcrafted. The lucky ones wear diamonds.

Jewels are not made specifically for summer, as you can wear them the whole year, but in summer we like to experiment with our style. Even if we are wearing something simple, a good piece of jewel makes the difference.

One of our current pleasures is shopping for our summer holidays. Some like to recycle and look for clothes on flea markets or vintage stores, while others are in the hunt for the most famous pieces of the season. Jewels are a good investment as they last through time.

One of the biggest trends in jewellery for the spring summer season are necklaces at every shape, design and colour, but the most coveted are the artisanal and handcrafted ones. So, opt for something unique and special. Maybe you can create your own summer jewels.

Darcey gold-tone pearl earrings at Net-a-Porter


Eight Nano gold-tone glass earrings at Net-a-Porter


Ira gold-tone earrings at Net-a-Porter


Kailini gold-tone earrings at Net-a-Porter


The Edge Of The Abyss gold-plated ring at Net-a-Porter


Dona gold-tone, pearl and bead bracelet at Net-a-Porter


The Infinite Offering gold-plated necklace at Net-a-Porter


Kindness is Magic set of three beaded bracelets at Net-a-Porter


Gold-tone and crystal earrings at Net-a-Porter


Maxi Bead Earrings at Zara


Beaded earrings at Zara


Beaded bracelet at Zara


Anni Lu
Spirale D’Or pearl earrings at Farfetch


hammered sterling-silver ring at Farfetch


Justine Clenquet
Devon large hoop earrings at Farfetch


Joanna Laura Constantine
hammered style hoop earrings at Farfetch


gold-plated hoop earrings at Farfetch



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