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There comes a time in our life when we change our habit of shopping for clothes, to shopping for furniture. Before heading to the store, we start exploring Pinterest to get inspiration and try to create the perfect cosy place.

We want to create a comfortable shelter filled with details that represent us.

People mostly tend to transform their home into a place that looks like it belongs to the 20s or modernization is what better represents them, but as the world is changing, so are people’s ideas when it comes to decorating their home.

One of the most fascinating interior design ideas is related to the Scandinavian design that started influencing many people in the early 20th century, and it is still present nowadays. The Scandinavian design is related to minimalism and functionality.

The Scandinavian design is all about creating the simple interior which features clean lines, soft and warm lightning and textures. If you really want to approach to the Scandinavian design you must keep in mind that your house will mostly feature colours like grey, black and white. With only this kind of choice when it comes to colours, you might get the impression that the house will look cold and so empty. That is when layers and textures come in handy. They will absolutely complete the interior and create a full synchronization with the colours chosen for the furniture.

There is so much you can do if you want to approach to the Scandinavian design. When you see that there are only a few colours that represent the Scandinavian design, you might probably think that this is too boring. You are wrong, because the Scandinavian design lets you play with textures and light and you can also add colour to your home, but soft ones for sure.

There are no boundaries when you embrace the “less is more”. You don’t have to perfectly match every furniture in your home. By adding a little contrast and mixing various furniture, your house will look so lovely and comfy.

In order for you to get a full picture of what it really looks like to transform your home with ideas that come from the Nordic region, you can check the post from Land of Rugs by clicking here.


Photos taken from elledecor.com and mydomaine.co.uk

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