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Look I have always been fond of vintage clothes for it seems like they serve as a time machine for me. Whenever I put on a vintage style, I feel like I’m living those years.
I think this is due to my love for fashion, because fashion itself is a “return” through years. On special occasions such as holidays I don’t want to be predictable, so I try to match different styles not simply put on a classic dress, especially when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve party. This is an ala “`80s disco” style, combined with a glittery vintage blouse which belonged to my mother who used to wear it in the `90s, and a festive glittery Zara skirt. Then I added a pair of pink sandals which again are like the `80s as per the heels and the platform. Obviously, if we are talking about disco style, big volume hair and a special make up are a must! Don’t forget to play with your outfits and make similar combinations; dare with them because in the end: “Fashion is just about that”! Happy New Year 2016 to ya all!
Bluza: Vintage
Fund: Zara
Sandale: Prada
Clutch me xixa: Lulu Guinnes
Vëthë: Vintage
Byzylyk: Sportmax dhe i florinjti Herve Van Der Straeten
Makeup: Lili Ismaili
Foto: Endrit Mertiri
Ambienti: Hotel De Paris Tiranë

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