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Organic skincare has gained so much popularity in recent years that many are now buying everything organic.

Most people are not aware of the damage they cause to the skin when using skincare products that contain harmful ingredients. They might not notice it, but if the usage is frequent signs will eventually appear.

It is very important that people turn to organic skincare products as they are handmade with natural ingredients. Organic products are made to make our lives better and protect our skin.

If you are not sure which brand is organic, you need to search for the ones that work closely with third-party certification agencies such as COSMOS, ECOCERT and USDA.

If your skin is important to you, you need to take care of it properly. That is why you should consider changing the way you buy a certain skincare product. Just because a product has become popular, because it was launched from a famous brand, doesn’t mean it is the right choice for you. Choose the product based on your needs, and what your skin needs now is to be healthy and nourished, which can be properly achieved through the usage of organic products.

See below top 10 organic skincare brands according to Cosmopolitan US.


  1. Kopari

If you’re into coconut oil, then Kopari is definitely the organic skincare brand you need in your life. Everything in the line is made with pure, organic, 100 percent coconut oil that’s sustainably sourced from the Philippines.


2. KORA Organics

Founded by supermodel Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics is certified-organic by COSMOS, which guarantees that no toxic pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals were used in the production or manufacturing process.


3. Pai Skincare

Pai products aren’t just certified organic, they’re made specifically for those with sensitive skin. The brand’s founder, Sarah Brown, was tired of products with synthetics and irritants, so she decided to create her own beauty line with an emphasis on gentle.


4. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is one of the OG organic beauty brands in the U.S. (side note: The founder helped Gwyneth Paltrow develop and formulate her Goop skincare line).  One of theholy-grail products in the line is this oil-free moisturizer. It uses certified-organic grape, pomegranate and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe skin without feeling heavy or clogging your pores.


5. Osea

Osea is known for its marine-based skincare that’s made with organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, like this hydrating serum. It’s full of hyaluronic acid (a humectant that draws moisture from the air to your skin) and organic seaweed extracts that deeply hydrate and moisturize your skin, and even help plump up fine lines too.


6. Tata Harper

What Tata Harper’s products don’t include: GMOs, toxins, fillers, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colors. What they do include: ingredients grown from organic farming, like sunflowers, apricots, rice, rose clay, and willow. Tata’s line has everything from cleansers to treatments.


7. Kypris

Kypris is all about using organic ingredients with proven results. If you only try one product from the brand, let it be this detoxifying and exfoliating clay mask. It’s on the pricey side, but it’s the perfect weekly skin treatment, so it’ll last a while. Its combo of non-drying clay, minerals, and botanicals extracts exfoliate dead skin cells and help remove dirt and oil from your pores to make your skin super clear and glowy.


8. Herbivore

This organic beauty and wellness brand started out in a Seattle kitchen and is now one of the most popular lines at Sephora and on Amazon. The Blue Tansy face mask is a best-seller for a reason: It helps de-clog pores, clear up acne, and reduce inflammation, thanks to a combo of organic chemical exfoliators and soothing ingredients.


9. Osmia

If the thought of using bar soap on your face seems crazy/gross/cave man-ish, then you haven’t tried this one from organic skincare brand Osmia. It’s made with clarifying black clay and dead sea mud—plus organic almond and avocado oils to help moisturize and soothe your skin, while soaking up excess oils. And unlike with traditional bar soaps, it’s zero percent drying or irritating.


10. The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef (aka Carla Oates) is best known for her organic powders and supplements, but this liquid exfoliator from her organic line is a standout. It’s made from organic grains, seeds, and plants that have been fermented—a process that creates glow-enhancing lactic acid (a gentle alpha hydroxy acid) and skin barrier-boosting probiotics to leave your skin softer and brighter with each use.



Another brand which is worth noticing is goop from Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow is widely known for her healthy lifestyle, which she now shares on her lifestyle platform. goop makes its own branded lines of clothing, skin care, fragrance, vitamins and supplements, and body products. goop has become a global brand that is recognized for starting important conversations and highlighting issues that need major attention.



Nowadays everything is about clean and non-toxic products, so become familiar with the products you are using. Transform your way of living and approach yourself towards everything organic.


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