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4 Signs You Are In a One-Sided Relationship


Being in a relationship is always a beautiful adventure especially when you share the same thoughts and opinions with your partner and enjoy one another’s company. But things can turn out to be quite the opposite, when you begin to have the impression that you are investing 80% on the relationship you two have created, while your partner barely gives a 20%.

This happens when you are in a one-sided relationship. You are investing all your energies, efforts and dedication, but it seems like your partner is not willing to do the same. You start wondering… is this really happening to me? How can I tell that I am more into this relationship than he is? Am I seeing the signs clearly?

If you have so many doubts, than check our list below to find out if things in your relationship are currently happening the same way as we describe. If you see yourself in these circumstances, then it is a one-sided relationship.


  • You are not part of their future plans

One of the things you mostly hear in a relationship is the word “we”: we did this, we went there, we made this, etc… But eventually “we” becomes “I” or “me”. As soon as you hear these two terms, you are screwed. You are no longer part of his/her future plans, so it is better you step out of this relationship as soon as you can, if you do not want things to turn out pretty bad for both of you.


  • His/her needs come before your own

During a relationship, couples can go through different things, even the worst ones. If you notice that you are trying to please his/her ego every time, while he/she does not pay that much attention to your opinion or emotions, they ain’t worth it.


  • You are the one sacrificing more

In a relationship you have to compromise on certain things. There are places you do not want to go, or things you do not feel like doing, but for the sake of your partner, you tend to compromise and adapt to his/her preferences. But if you are the one who follows him/her more, this is not a compromise anymore. Is your partner doing the things you like? Is your partner adapting to your perfect routine of a Sunday brunch, or he/she is insisting more on doing things he/she likes?


  • You keep canceling

Whether it is a girl’s/boy’s night out, a colleague’s birthday or a family gathering, if you keep cancelling all your plans because your partner just had the urgent need to be with you, then you are a complete fool. This is not about “Carpe Diem”, if he/she rarely texts you for sex. Take courage and leave that person immediately.

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