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New Year Beauty Resolutions For 2022


Making resolutions is the perfect way of starting a new period in your life. Keep a journal and start writing about the things you want to achieve this year and the things you want to change.

2021 had no difference from 2020. When we think about it, it feels so strange that we are leaving another year  behind and we did not realise how fast it went.

But we should not let another year going “incognito”, so make the best of it. Start making memories and why not write about your experiences as well.

An important resolution is the beauty resolution. Many underestimate this term but it is part of our lives and our wellbeing should be a top priority.

This is why we have written some beauty resolutions for 2022 that are a must.


Eat well

Your main resolution for this year should be your health. Pay attention to what you eat and how your body reacts to the things you eat. There is a link between what you eat and your wellbeing. That is why you should be informed about what is best for your metabolism, whether through a nutritionist, books or different articles.


Drink lots of water

Sometimes you look at your skin and notice that something is wrong with it. You have followed your skincare regime strictly, but you forget that your skin might be dehydrated.


Digital detox

All the hours spent on mobile phones and laptops are wasting precious time. There is so much we can do rather than explore those Instagram posts and stories for hours. From time to time take a break from the digital world and stay away from the social media platforms.


Organic skincare

Opt for organic beauty products that have no chemicals included and come in a sustainable packaging. It will be the best decision you have ever made for your skin.


Go cruelty-free

Think about the choices you make, even when it comes to choosing a makeup product or a skincare product. Opt for brands that do not include harming animals in the process of making a perfect product. Read about the brands you see and find out how responsible they are. We should consider ourselves lucky that we have the opportunity to shop responsible and have brands that really do take care of animals.


Invest in your shampoo

When it comes to beauty, everything needs to be taken into account. Your choice of shampoo should change if you want to be more sustainable for 2022. You can choose a shampoo bar that is vegan, cruelty free and has no chemicals, or one that comes in a glass bottle or ocean made plastic.


Go plastic-free

The world is facing a major issue and that is the waste of plastic spread everywhere like a disease. You should start your own contribution for the planet and that is by making everything possible that by the end of the year your plastic usage is equal to zero. Your decisions will have an important impact on the planet, and you can also inspire friends and family to do the same.

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