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NAKD inspired outfits and my love for nudes


It is not always easy to find the right outfits for work, different important meetings or even for a simple walk. My favorite colors this summer were light colors or simply nude. They are so In and fresh, but jeans are inevitable when you wish to be more casual. I will show you my four favorite looks which are simple and easy to create and may provide you with ideas for your own outfits.

I am also happy because most of these colors can be found at the newest and fashionable site You can also buy there, moreover, if you add promo code Armina20, you can also get 20 % discount.

Another successful cooperation is that with the magical Kerenwolf jewels, which are simply magic and unique. Especially the “choker” necklace is wonderful and you can see it in my photos below.

Photo: Endrit Mertiri
Makeup: Suela Cangu
Accesories: Keren Wolf

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