Millionaire husband of model Emily Ratajkowski ‘exploiting legal loophole’ to live rent-free in New York loft


The millionaire film producer and husband of model Emily Ratajkowski has been accused of exploiting a legal loophole to live rent-free in a loft in one of Manhattan’s most fashionable districts.

The New York Post reports that Sebastian Bear-McClard, who is reportedly worth nearly $12 million (£9 million), is accused of owing $120,000 for living in the 1,100 square feet apartment in Greenwich Village.

Mr Bear-McClard, 31, who married “Ms Ratajkowski, 27, last year, sublet the flat in 2013. However, it is alleged, he has not paid any rent since the lease expired in 2017.

It is alleged that he has exploited a loophole in what is known as the “Loft Law”, legislation enacted in 1982, which banned landlords from evicting low-income tenants – in many cases artists – living in lofts in commercial buildings.

Under the law, tenants could not be evicted from buildings which had neither a certificate of occupancy nor fire safety protection.

The Bleeker Street building, in which the flat is located, does not have a certificate of occupancy.

“Here is a prime example, in prime NYC real estate, where an uber-wealthy celebrity couple and tenant can take advantage and exploit a law that was intended for truly struggling artists and low-income families in need of affordable housing,” Carolyn Daly, a spokeswoman for the coalition of loft buildings, including 49 Bleeker, told the paper.

Michael Kozek, Mr Bear-McClard’s lawyer, said his client was fighting to save the home in which he had lived for years.

Ms Ratajkowski was also in the public eye last October when she was among 300 people arrested in Washington DC during protests against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The Telegraph was unable to reach Antoni Ghosh, the landlord, Ms Ratajkowski or Mr Bear-McClard for comment.


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