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Meghan Markle’s Hairstyles Through The Years


It seemed like the world became aware of Meghan Markle when rumors were spread of her and Prince Harry being in a relationship. Her name made us search on Google to find out that she has been an actress for more than a decade. She was mostly known for her role in the TV Serial “Suits”, but she also made an appearance in the movies “Remember Me”, “Horrible Bosses” and “A Lot Like Love”. These are famous movies, but it looked like we did not pay much attention watching them, because we missed the part where Meghan is in them, and she is known to us as The Duchess of Sussex, the woman who married the most eligible royal bachelor on the planet, Prince Harry.

Today, Markle has created her own group of fans who admire her and are eager to find out what she is wearing during her royal appearances and how she combines her formal outfits with her hair and makeup. When speaking of hair, we cannot deny the fact that we love her healthy long wavy hair, which time to time she likes to keep in a ponytail or a messy bun. And it was exactly that messy bun which became Meghan’s signature and made us love her even more for her sense of simplicity.

During her time on the spotlight, Meghan did not experiment that much with her hair. It looks like she is very comfortable with her hair color and length. Only in 2011 and 2012 she was seen with a lighter shade of hair color, but then she changed it to her signature black. What is mostly notable about her hairstyle is the fact that as soon as she met Harry there was a change in her. She now has a more sophisticated look, which has made us consider her as a role model.

One of the royal rules that The Duchess has to follow is that she has to wear a hat in different events. Royal hats are an important tradition, and only by looking at Kate Middleton and Meghan herself, we wish we could go to an event where wearing a hat is a must. It looks like Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones are Markle’s favorite hat designers, because she only stepped out in public wearing hats by these two designers.

Below, you can look back at her most memorable hairstyles and also the royal hats that she has worn so far.

July 2018 – Royal Tour of Ireland



July 2018 – Royal Tour of Ireland


July 2018 for e reception in Dublin. Her hairdresser, George Northwood, came with her for the royal tour. He is also the one who styled her hair for her Royal Wedding Evening Reception



July 2018 – Hat by Philip Treacy



July 2018 – Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception



June 2018 – At the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony



June 2018 – Royal Ascot, Hat by Philip Treacy


June 2018



June 2018 – At Trooping The Colour. Hat by Philip Treacy


May 2018 – Prince of Wales’ 70th Birthday celebration at Buckingham Palace, Hat by Philip Treacy



May 2018 – The Evening Reception of the Royal Wedding. Hair styled by George Northwood



May 2018 – Royal Wedding. Hair styled in a low chignon by Serge Normant



April 2018 – Thanksgiving. Hat by Philip Treacy



April 2018



April 2018 – At a Women’s Empowerment reception at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London



April 2018



March 2018 – for a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. Hat by Stephen Jones



February 2018



February 2018



January 2018



December 2017



November 2017



September 2017



March 2016



November 2015



May 2014



November 2013



October 2013



June 2013



January 2013



November 2012



June 2012



May 2012



October 2011



September 2005



Photos are taken from Vogue.UK


By Enxhi Tufina



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