Kristen Stewart Becomes ’60s Style Icon Jean Seberg In New Biopic


Most people are familiar with Jean Seberg’s style credentials, thanks, in part, to the US actor’s roles in Jean-Luc Godard’s films – Bonjour Tristesse and Breathless – which made her an icon of French New Wave cinema. But what of her political activism? Starring Kristen Stewart as Seberg, a highly-anticipated biopic from Amazon Original explores just that.

Now, a new trailer for Benedict Andrews’s film offers a glimpse of Stewart’s transformation from Hollywood millennial with a taste for Chanel and Converse into the gamine actor-turned-activist. Stewart – whose own CV is packed with a mix of blockbuster movies and lower-profile independent films – seamlessly morphs into the stylish actor with the help of a blonde pixie crop. The film looks set to offer a glimpse into a lesser-seen side of Seberg that had nothing to do with fashion. After Hakim Jamal (Anthony Mackie), introduced her to the Black Panthers, Seberg’s political activism took precedence over her film career. Tired of being known as America’s sweetheart, she started to speak out in support of the civil rights movements and publicly backed the Panthers – moves that saw her monitored by J Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

Seberg – who died at the age of 40 – remains a style icon, but the biopic looks set to focus on her quest for a fairer world, rather than her wardrobe.


From British Vogue

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