Kim Kardashian Gets Paid More for One Single Instagram Post Than the President’s Entire Salary


Instagram isn’t just a place for your brunch pics or filtered sunsets – it’s also a viable career option now, and if you’re Kim Kardashian, it can help you rake in some serious cash. According to a recent reportfrom a medical journalism website called STAT, Kim made more than the president makes in a single year off of one Instagram post.

STAT obtained a contract between medical company Duchesnay USA and Kim’s company, Kimsaprincess, which stated she would be paid half a million dollars for a post. That’s right, one post promoting a morning sickness pill earned her $500,000 – the president’s salary is $400,000. The post was from 2015 for Duchesnay USA, the company that makes the pill Diclegis, which is supposed to help ease nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy.

Here’s the post in it’s half-a-milli glory:


However, the post didn’t mention the risks of taking the medication, which led the Food and Drug Administration to send a letter to Duchesnay USA demanding the company no longer use Kim’s social media endorsements.

Though, as The Daily Dot pointed out, Duchesnay USA and Kim continue to work together, and sales of Diclegis even went up in the fall of 2015, which could also be attributed to how Diclegis reportedly upped their price after Kim’s post.




From: Cosmopolitan

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