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Istanbul trip


As I have mentioned before in my social media, Turkey, or better to say, Instanbul, will be my second home due to my projects there. I was deeply touched by the latest turmoil in Istanbul and that’s why I waited up to now to post this article. Thank God, the situation there is back to normal and I think everything will be ok from now on. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been and it is dear to me also because my parents made me realize its grandness and historical values after a trip there some years ago. I love travelling to Istanbul, enjoy the magical Bosphorus, the delicious food and the wonderful shops, a list of which you will find below. The city itself bears a magical charm and I was so impressed by the mosques as well as the Sultan Palace close to the Bosphorus Bridge. I can feel history every time I visit those places. In this photo shoot I have also tried to adapt my outfits to the places I have visited. Below you will also find a list of wonderful places to visit while in Istanbul.

Nişantaşı – Luxury shopping street

Other shopping areas:
Teşvikiye – you will find different shops, mainly Turkish companies.
Isynie Park – also one of my favorite places to go shopping because there you can find almost all fashion stores in a gigantic shopping mall.
Grand Bazar – For all those passionate about antique things: rare jewelries or handmade items. One should never miss it while in Istanbul.
Balat – a traditional quarter in the old city area with characteristic old houses and bars.
Xhami – Sultan Ahmet in the old city – It is close to Grand Bazar and when there you can also visit three well known mosques: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Sulta Ahmet.
Lokma, in Bebek – the perfect breakfast spot, offering a great view of the Bosphorus Bridge and after the traditional breakfast you can also enjoy a walk near Bosphorus.
Mikla (The Marmara Hotel Pera) – a luxury restaurant that has also won a Michelin star and was considered as one of the 50 best restaurants by New York Times.
Sunset (Ulus) – one of the best restaurants of Istanbul and also the one that offers the greatest view of the Bosphorus Bridge. It is well known for its rich menu varying from Turkish to mixed Japanese food.

Çırağan Palace Kempinski – very close to the sea, great view, pool, spa and three restaurants serving delicious food.
Raffles Hotel – one of the newest hotels in Istanbul. Very trendy, close to the famous “Zorlu” shopping mall and with a great view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus Bridge.

Photography : Gökhan Aliskan

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