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How You Get Over a Breakup, by Zodiac Sign


It’s a cliché, but it’s true: Breaking up is hard to do. Most of us have had a relationship (or situationship) end at one point or another, and LBR, the recovery period can be *rough*. But instead of hate-texting your ex or live-tweeting your broken heart, you can choose to channel your ~highest vibes~ and move on with minimal drama. Here’s how to cope with a breakup, by zodiac sign:


You move on faster than most, Aries. But you always need to have the last word so your former boo knows just what they’re missing out on. After you’ve said your piece, let them go.



You hate change, so getting over your ex will probs take time. You’ll stop thinking about them when you find a new crush or at least someone interesting to flirt with on Tinder. This distraction will serve you well—you’ll put your attention on your new sweetie instead of your ex.



Your friends may need a time-out from the post-breakup analysis. You’ll discuss every detail in your group text for weeks—but it’s just your way of healing and understanding.



In classic water sign form, you keep your emotions moving, like the tides of the ocean. This means going out with your squad every night for cocktails and karaoke (after a few days of lying in bed in your cocoon while crying, that is). Your heavy heart must go on.



Retail therapy is your friend. In fact, you may even overspend, so keep your receipts handy. But before you lock down a new budget, buy yourself a luxurious item to mend your heart. You deserve a gift from your biggest fan—yourself.



The only way you can get over heartbreak is with extra self-care. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi, a massage, a yoga class, whatever it takes to detox your ex. Do you, for a change!



Real talk: You never allow yourself time to feel real heartbreak because you move on so quickly. You likely already have another possible S.O. on the back burner. Just make sure you’re actually into your new boo.



Being as emotionally intense as you are, talk therapy will help you understand where the relationship went wrong and give you the insight into how to move forward. Soon, you’ll start dating a newer, better version of your ex—all of the good parts, none of the bad.



Well, you don’t dwell on the past…which makes breakups simple. You’ll move on and never look back. Get your personal growth on track by experimenting with new hobbies (maybe’s now the time to start training for a marathon?), traveling, and meeting new people.



After a breakup, you like to take a time-out from dating and ~focus on yourself~. As a distraction from your aching heart, you put all your energy into your career. When you get that promotion, you can mentally thank your ex (but don’t actually reach out to them, k?).



When a relationship is over, it’s completely over to you. You’ll block your ex from your phone, your social media, and your life. You’ll never allow yourself to think of them again. In fact, if you see them, you’ll act like don’t even know them.



When in doubt, you get mystical. This means getting a tarot, astrology, or psychic reading to gain clarity on the past and the future. Knowing that you will find love again will give you the confidence to move on with a new crush.


From Cosmopolitan US

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