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How to Know You Have Fallen in Love, by Zodiac Sign


We’ve all been there: the moment a crush turns into “head-over-heels-can’t-get-enough-of-you-this-could-be-the-one” love. Falling in love begins with the little things, bb, and that moment when they remember your coffee order or text you the perfect meme can change your life ~forever~.

Love isn’t always easy—I’ve been in love many times before, but each time, it changes you. The stars dance above us, but their power guides us here on Earth. You and that cutie were meant to meet—and the instant they hit your trigger, they show you just how easy it is to love them. Peer into the exact moment you will fall in love by looking at your stars.



Aries, you crave passion more than anything, and you always want to be your crush’s first priority (just like you’re the first sign of the zodiac). You get all the feels when you see your partner cancel their plans just to spend time with you. Bonus points if you’re just wasting time watching Netflix, then making out after a pillow fight.



Taurus, your sign is all about the senses—whether it be scent, taste, or touch. While you may be cautious with your heart (at least at first), once your senses are stimulated, you fall hard. When you realize you recognize your sweetie’s scent—and that you smell like them after they’ve left—you’re in. You’ll be daydreaming about the way they smell until you see them again.



Gemini, you love to talk, and your convos with your crush (or TBH, anyone) can last for hours. However, your heart soars when you realize you have an unspoken language with your S.O. That moment you share eye contact over an inside joke and realize you can basically read each other’s minds? You’re head over heels.



Cancer, you’re romantic AF—and you’re also all about your home. You’d pick a romantic night in over going out dancing any day (remember when that was a thing?). You’ll be swept off your feet when you’re fixing up pesto cavatappi and your boo grabs you to sway like the sea. This delicate moment links touch, feels, and food—all keys to your heart. Bonus points if you kiss in front of your pup.



Romance with a Leo has to look good. You always need to shine, and you expect the same of your potential boo. You want to show them off! The instant you move from “maybe” to “YES” is when you take a photo together and realize that it is HOT AF. Not only is it worthy of the ’gram, but you want to put it on a Times Square billboard too. The two of you look made for each other. A love that looks this good will never go out of style.



Virgo, you’re very practical, and you often go above and beyond to help those who they care for. You pay immense attention to detail, but you’re shocked when someone does the same for you. The moment your boo remembers that you drink only decaf with one sugar, not two; makes your bed first thing in the morning because they know that’s how you start your day; or orders you extra-crispy chicken nugs because that’s the only way you like them, you’ll feel ~seen~.



Libra, you’re incredibly romantic, and you always make love a priority! Partnership comes naturally to you, and you feel most at home when someone is by your side. So it makes sense that the moment that gives you *heart-eyes* is when your bae starts saying “us” and “we” when talking with your friends. Nothing matters more than knowing your partner sees the two of you as a pair.



You know that love is messy, Scorpio. You’re a passionate water sign and you have depths of emotion that few truly understand. You put their heart into your relationship so deeply that if it ends, you feel like it’s the end of the world. Because of this, you coil barbed wire around your heart and come off as very guarded. You realize you’re in love when you share your true thoughts and your S.O. totally accepts them. You trust that even if it gets tough, they’ll stay.



Sagittarius, you fall in love fast, and you get bored just as quickly. As a fire sign, you need excitement—you want life to feel like an adventure! When it comes to romance, you need ~experiences~. When your partner takes you high-speed racing, swimming with great white sharks, or sky-diving—or just plans a weekend getaway—the adrenaline rush makes you realize you’ve fallen, hard.



Capricorn, you have a vision of what you want your life to be like, and you won’t stop until you have it. You’re ambitious, and you follow up your goals with specific plans and actions. When it comes to love, your partner has to bring something to the table, not stand in the way of your five-year plan. But you truly open your heart when your boo helps make your goal a reality. Whether they’re suggesting you adopt a Shiba Inu together because you’ve always wanted one, set money aside for retirement, or take steps to buy that house on a beach in Hawaii, you melt when your person shows you that they’re building your future together.



Aquarius, you’re highly intellectual and you have opinions about everything. You’re also known for your unique interests—and when you have a hobby, you go deep! You realize you’ve fallen for your boo when they show they’ve taken the time to learn about your interests, whether they’re sending you a link to a rare demo by your fave band or surprising you with a new quartz crystal.



Pisces, you could spend hours daydreaming about romantic experiences you’d like to have. And you fall deep when your bae takes a figurative page out of your journal and turns it into a reality. Whether you’ve always wanted to fly in a hot-air balloon or fantasized about making out in the pouring rain, you’ll give your heart to the person who can make your daydream happen IRL.


From Cosmopolitan US



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