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Since many of you have been asking a lot about my hair and make-up, especially about my look in different important events, I decided to share some beauty tips with the help of one of the most famous make-up artist in Albania, Lili Ismaili. Given that my dress is so ‘80s we decided to have big wavy hair and strong dark lipstick.

Step 1: How to get big loose waves and volume – to get my hair curled like this I used the wide straightener which is exactly used to make big waves and then we pinned them up while putting on the make-up so that they could last longer.

Step 2: Foundatine and contours – recently, everyone is talking about the trend of highlighting the face by combining very dark contours with very light ones. The dark ones should be put mainly in the cheeks, alongside the nose and in the jaw, as you can see in the photo, whereas the light ones should be used in the nose and mainly for the under eye and the forehead. We have used these two Mac products, as you can see in the photo. Then we put the foundatine all over the face until it becomes one with the applied contrasts.

Step 3: Eyeliner and big eyelashes – I put on lipstick almost all the time, but in order to use this one, you need to have vivid eyes in a simple make-up and to make this happen, all you need is put on a very light contouring eye shadow, like white or light grey, make a straight line with the eyeliner and wear big eyelashes.

Step 4: Red Lipstick – as you can see in the photos we have used Mac colors, but you can use whatever red color you have at home or best suits your outfit. Never forget to wear a natural cheek color, like peach or orange whenever you use dark lip color.

Step 5 – Remember we said that I pinned up my curls while I was putting on my make-up? So, after the make-up we removed the curls one by one. This way, they can last longer. The last thing to do is adding some volume by flipping the head upside down, carefully brush the hair with a big comb and then spray the whole thing.

Photography: GELJANT Kaleci

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