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How to Cope With Being Alone for the Holidays


The holiday season is fast approaching and we can’t help ourselves but wait in patience. Every city will be filled with Christmas ornaments and people will be happier. But in all that happiness, some find it a bit hard to cope with the holidays, if they are single.

Somehow waiting for the New Year’s alone, without having someone to cherish this moment and have the famous New Year’s Eve kiss is not the ideal movie scenario.

But this situation should not affect you even though you are single. Being single should not be seen as the end of the world only because your sister, friend, or colleague has someone by their side. You managed to get through 2 years of pandemic and the lockdown, so being single on holidays should feel like a piece of cake.

If you are experiencing anxiety or lack of energies just because the holiday season will see you single, it is time you change the situation you have put yourself into. The only way to get through this is by being strong and having a healthy mind.

Here are some ways to prevent all the sadness around you, especially during this period.


Get rid of the negative thoughts

Although being single during the holiday season might be inevitable, it does not mean that you can’t entertain yourself.

While you are alone at home and negative thoughts are coming through your mind, stop them immediately. Start listening to music, begin dancing and think of all the positive things that you have in your life: friends, family, relatives who care about you and you have so many dreams that only need your determination to achieve them. Start thinking of the things you could change in your life and how to make it better.


Make resolutions

Writing a New Year’s resolution is a good start.

You can write about the things you want to achieve and change in your life. You can also write about the things you want to do in the upcoming months.


Surround yourself with people

Quit being all alone at home and get in touch with people, whether in person or virtually. Stop refusing people’s invitations and go out with them anywhere they tell you or have a virtual cocktail hour or dinner. Who knows, you might find people that will absolutely change your life. Go to places you always wanted to see, but never got the chance.

Maybe you can start thinking about taking a long solo trip. There are many people out there who travel alone and make friends and see the most beautiful things in the world. Maybe this trip will be a discovery for you, and you will make a lot of friends, especially if you stay in hostels.


Love yourself

Last but not least, LOVE YOURSELF. Respect yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself and anything else will always come in second place for you.

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