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HOW DO I LET GO of Past Relationships?


When it comes to letting go of past relationships, we often hear, “Time heals all.” Though the statement is true, it doesn’t always help as far as putting thoughts into perspective for the person who is hurting and going through the actual breakup and heartache.

To guide us with some professional insight, we tapped Michelle Afont, relationship expert, divorce lawyer, and multi-published author whose most recent work is The Dang Factor, to share how to let go of past relationships once and for all.

“We date to see if a particular person is a long-term match. All of our past relationships are just that. They are in the past because something was not a match between the two of us. We often tend to glorify past relationships when we are not in them. It’s hard to let go of something that might have felt comfortable to us. Most of the time, however, if we step back and look in, we know in our hearts that the relationship was unhealthy. Remember, we call it a breakup because it was broken.

Moving on from a past relationship is really an exciting time in your life! Why? Because you get another chance at love. You get a redo on dating and finding the love of your life. You are now in control of your next relationship as a wiser woman, who knows what you are looking for and what you will or will not accept in love. It’s time for you to love forward, not backward.

Your past relationships are only meant to guide you to future love. Every day you spend focused on a past relationship is one more day you are unavailable to find your true lasting relationship. Thank them (silently) and move along. Your future is waiting for you.”


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