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Whether it’s strapless lingeriebikinis, or tops, we’ve got your back when it comes to the best ways to define your collarbone. The overlooked clavicle has major alluring potential, and with the help of the exercises outlined below, a simple makeup application tip, and the right wardrobe selection, you’ll be set to show off the sexy body part. Keep reading to learn how to make your décolletage pop.

The workouts:
No equipment:
• Roll your shoulders in a backward motion making small circles (repeat 50 times)
• Shrug your shoulders in an upward and downward motion (repeat 50 times)
• Push-ups (repeat 50 times)
• Swimming laps (stroke: breaststroke, repeat 50 times)
• Bridge pose (hold for 60 seconds and repeat three times)
• Running

• Hold two 15-pound weights. Keep your arms in a straight line facing down toward your feet. Shrug your shoulders and hold this position for 60 seconds.

BLACK Neoprene Dumbbell


The makeup application:
To really allow your collarbone to pop, contour your chest with a dark foundation or powder around the delicate area, slightly lightening the actual bone. Be sure to smooth out the makeup to avoid any visible streaks. To create an even flashier and defined illusion, add a touch of highlighter around and inside the crevice of the bone. You can also apply this technique with moisturizer from our DIY at-home tinted body moisturizer recipe.


The clothing selection:
Opt for a deep V-neck or low-cut top; this silhouette will ensure your collarbone is the focal point of your outfit. Of course, off-the-shoulder and strapless styles frame this area and do the trick just as well too.


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