Gucci Collaborates With 15 Female Artists to Launch Its New Fragrance


Fragrance is arguably the most personal of all beauty products. While red lipstick looks red on all skin tones, fragrance smells different on every single wearer depending on their body’s chemistry. On top of that, our sense of smell is known to trigger memories and emotions in a way other senses don’t. Gucci is tapping into this experience by calling on 15 female artists to create interpretations of the brand’s newest fragrance, Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori. The fresh scent, which includes notes of jasmine, tuberose, and cassis buds, is meant to evoke youth and coming of age, female friendships, and self discovery.

Langley Fox Hemingway, Frances Cannon, Emma Allegretti, Joy Miessi, Joana Avillez, and Fee Greening are among the participants (the rest will be revealed later). This marks Gucci’s first major Instagram-focused beauty campaign. The artists, recruited everywhere from Melbourne to Rome, were given free reign on their illustrations, so they range from intricate black and white etches to comic book strip-like cartoons. Even though they all share common motifs paying homage to Acqua Di Fiori, like the bottle’s pale pink shade and green herbarium leaf packaging, each collaborator’s personality shines through.

Take a look at a select number of the illustrations, exclusive to, ahead.



From: Elle


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