Gigi Hadid is accused of wearing real fur


Nowadays we are being faced with many news related to celebrities about how some things go wrong in their life. Recently, Gigi Hadid, was faced with an uncomfortable situation while she organized a “meet and greet” with her fans to promote her Tommy Hilfiger collection at a Macy’s in New York City’s Herald Square. But, things did not go as excepted, because a girl, who everyone thought was a fan of the model, approached her and while Gigi was signing an autograph for her, she pulls out from under her clothes a sign with the words “Gigi Kills”. The next thing we know, as seen from the video revealed from Daily Mail, another woman approaches with the sign “Fur Scum”. The 23-year-old model did not react on the uncomfortable situation and she quietly waited as security and members of her team approached to take the signs from the two women and escort them out.

These women were accusing Gigi Hadid on wearing real fur, but ironically, Tommy Hilfiger, which is collaborating with Gigi Hadid since 2016, went fur-free in 2007. So where is the real fur that Gigi is wearing? Why all this fuss about?

Though Hadid did not react on the situation the moment it happened, she did reply to a few people’s comments on her Instagram account and she perfectly clarified that she does not “buy and wear fur”. Even her stylist does not choose anything with real fur. Maybe she did wear fur once, but that was because she was obliged to. Modeling is her job and there are still brands that use real fur, so a model has to wear what they tell her to. Such situation has occurred to Gigi as well, though she totally disagrees with it. No worries Gigi, we totally understand your situation and support you.




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