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As August is coming to an end, so is summer. It will be hard to say goodbye to all those beautiful days spent by the beach with our beloved ones, while drinking cocktails and having fun conversations. Getting back to work after the summer holidays can be very difficult – even for those who love their job. Sometimes it feels like you need some time off, kind of like another vacation to recover from the vacation.

While it’s only normal to feel sad that your vacation is over, it’s important to remember that there can always be another one in the future.

But the transition back to the office doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. That is why we have selected some tips so that your return to work won’t be that difficult.


1. Time management

Set your priorities, focus on what’s important – and if you can’t avoid some overload, try not to overwork. You don’t lose that much if you get out of work at the usual time.


2. Wake up early

Most people tend to be productive the first two hours at work. Thus, you should better deal with all the important tasks within the first hours. That will help you stay focused at work.


3. Prepare for work the night before

Don’t get stressed and run around like a crazy person in the morning, do a little planning the night before.


4. Make a “To Do” List

To Do Lists have always worked, because they make you more organized, thus you can deal with your daily tasks better.  Try creating your to-do list the night before and keep it near your laptop while working.


5. Set new goals

Returning from the summer holidays feels like starting a new year. Thus, we recommend that you set new goals for the remaining part of the year. If you still have pending issues to deal with at work, it is time to focus on what is left to be done. Setting new goals will absolutely help you finish everything that is still pending on your agenda.


6. Take short breaks

Getting to the office early, working through lunch, and staying late doesn’t necessarily mean getting more stuff done. The short breaks allow you to stretch a little and refresh your mind, hence allowing you to stay focused.


7. Wear the clothes that better suit you

Another tip that will help you survive going back to work is to wear something that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. A little boost of confidence might help. Fashionistas will know exactly what we are talking about. Sometimes, even a red lipstick can boost your confidence.


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